Monday, October 19, 2009

I have a court date on November 5th. to see if I can get the judge to appoint an attorney for my daughters! The judge won't allow me to speak, so my hopes are that he will allow someone else to do so on my daughters behalf! On November 20th. I have another court date to modify custody. For anyone reading this, PLEASE pray for my kids!!! This has to stop!!! My kids deserve to have peace

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leave my kids alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ex has sole custody of my daughters! He is a manipulator, drug addict, alcoholic SOB abuser!!!! He has always wanted my daughters so that the state and I can pay his way through life!! He is a bomb!!! My daughters want to come home to me and I have always wanted them. He won't let them, and now neither will DCFS!!! He was investigated by alligations that my oldest daughter told CRESTWOOD, IL. police about!! DCFS, however found nothing!!! Now they are saying that my youngest daughter (8) has to go back to him, but my oldest (15) doesn't!!! They were temporarily placed in his aunt and uncles care!! Over a year ago my Ex called DCFS and said that I put a bruise on my little girls arm!! I appealed their so called findings and it was thrown out! How is God's name can they split my babies up, or worse yet, not let them come home to me, when I have done nothing but fight for my kids!!! I have tryed what I feel is everything to help them, but I have gotten nowhere!!! The judge literally won't listen to a word I have to say!!! I have proof of what their father is and has been doing, but the judge won't so much as even look at it!! I have the right to be heard by this judge!! He is a pig!!! He helped ruin my daughters lives, just by not listening to the facts!! It seems as if I go to court on my schedualed court dates for no reason what so ever!!! I can't afford a lawyer, and no probono lawyer will take the case on! Worse yet, when the lawyers hear who the judge is, they back down real fast! This is just another disgusting display of what our system really is!! While DCFS was investigating the father, they told me that part of why my daughters weren't with me was because of what I did!!! I was cleared!!! And from what I gathered, I wasn't the one being investigated!!! How dare the system do this to my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can somebody please help me?????? My babies want to come home, and I don't know what to do!!! I am their mom, and I am so unbelievably helpless!!! I am supposed to protect my kids, but how do I do that if I am not allowed to???